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Highland Games: Athletics

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2007 Award Winners: "Athlete of the Day" - Terry Smith, "Master Class" - Mike Shea, "Master 200#" - Doug Ballard, "B Class" - Juan Gonzalez, "C Class" - Peter VanderWeele, "Women's A Class" - Marie Doan, "Women's Masters" - Ruth Welding, "190# Lights" - Jeremy Ingmire.

Athletic competition consists of the Sheaf Toss, Heavy Weight Toss, Hammer Toss, Stone Throw, Height Weight Throw and Light Weight Throw. Plus special awards are given out at the end of the day.

The three special awards are:
John Alexander Campbell Memorial Trophy, Athlete of the Day
The Indiana Highland Games Sportsmanship Award
The Jessie MacLennan Sportsmanship Award Winners

The winners can be found at Athletics Scores & Awards

More content will be added after the holidays.

Release for All Competitions
In consideration of IHG's acceptance of me (my child) as a competitor in the 2007 Indiana Highland Games, I hereby, for myself (my child), my heirs, executors and administrators, waive and release any and all rights and claims that I (my child) may have to damages against Fort Wayne Scottish Cultural Society, its agents, representatives, trustees, and officers, and Concordia Theological Seminary for any injuries which I (my child) may suffer during the Indiana Highland Games.

I also certify that I am physically fit or am sufficiently trained for competition in this event.

My signature on the entry form will also serve as a complete release to SCS to permit them or anyone acting for them to photograph me (my child) and to use these photographs for SCS publicity.

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