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Highland Games: Highland Dance

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This years competiton included the premier of new dances; Village Maid, Sean Triubhas, Strathspey & Half Tulloch and the Irish Jig.

Rules and Procedures


Entry Fee


Downlaod the 2008 dance entry form (Adobe pdf)


1. The competition will be conducted following S.O.B.H.D. rules.

2. Age groups will be determined according to the number of entries. Ages are determined as of competition day.

3. Medals will be awarded in each event, except Premier Class 16 & older, where cash prizes will be awarded. A plaque will be awarded to the high point winner in each age group (except Primary). Points are: First Place - 88 points, Second Place - 56 points, Third Place - 38 points, Fourth Place - 25 points. Premier winners will dance off for the McCallum Memorial Trophy (awarded at the dance closing).

4. Dancers entering first will dance last. Please mark your registration # on the entry form. Dance numbers will be available at the dancing registration area.

5. Any competitor not ready to compete when called will be disqualified for that event.

Return your entry and payment to:
Jennifer Lerose
IHG Dance Registration
PO Box 725
Fremont, IN 46737

Entries close May 31, 2008

Questions on the dances or registrations, please contact:
Jennifer Larose, 260-495-7220


Fling (4)
Sword (3 & 1)
Pas De basques
Pas De basques & high cuts

Litl (4 step)
Fling (4)
Sword (2&1)
Sean Truibhas (3 & 1)

Litl (4 step)
Fling (4)
Sword (2&1)
Sean Truibhas (3 & 1)

Fling (6)
Sword (3 & 1)
Sean Truibhas (4 & 2)
Strathsprey & Highland Reel

Fling (6)
Sword (3 & 1)
Sean Truibhas (4 & 2)
Strathsprey & Highland Reel

(Eastern Time Zone - Daylight Savings)

9:00 a.m......................Primary, Beginner & Novice Registration
9:30 a.m......................Competition Begins
9:00 a.m on..................Intermediate & Premier Registration*
2:00 p.m......................Competition Begins

*Intermediate & Premier dancers should register no later than 1:30 pm


- Primary: $12.00
- Pre-Premier: $20.00
- Premier: $22.00
- Late fee: $10.00 additional

Medal set: $15.00 per set
Plaque: $30.00 each

Entries must be received by May 31, 2008.

The late charge for entries posted after May 31, 2008 is $10.00
Canadian entries: please send money order in U.S. Funds

Make checks payable to Indiana Highland Games.

Release for All Competitions
In consideration of IHG's acceptance of me (my child) as a competitor in the 2007 Indiana Highland Games, I hereby, for myself (my child), my heirs, executors and administrators, waive and release any and all rights and claims that I (my child) may have to damages against Fort Wayne Scottish Cultural Society, its agents, representatives, trustees, and officers, and Concordia Theological Seminary for any injuries which I (my child) may suffer during the Indiana Highland Games.

I also certify that I am physically fit or am sufficiently trained for competition in this event.

My signature on the entry form will also serve as a complete release to SCS to permit them or anyone acting for them to photograph me (my child) and to use these photographs for SCS publicity.

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